“Hello, Room Service? Can we have some Art Please?”

Header Artwork by Michele Tombolini, courtesy of Artrooms 2016 There are not many Art events that would welcome its patrons via a Staircase that looks like a deconstructed spaceship, with walls adorned with foil and unravelled video tape hanging, tendril like, from the ceiling, but Artrooms M.O. is definitely one of challenging accepted norms. Last weekend I attended Artrooms 2016 at the Melia White House Hotel just off Great Portland street. Pitched as ‘London’s largest Art Fair for Independent Artists’, the... Read More

The 5 most important rules when buying Art for the bedroom

Featured art by Paola Minekov, Irina Rumyantseva, Celia Lewis and Michele Honey-Floyd. Artwork included in above image may not be actual size. All copyrights remain with the artists and are currently featured on Galleryfy.com. When researching for this Post online it quickly became clear that ‘what Art is appropriate for the bedroom’ is quite a contentious issue with various schools of thought on the subject. One thing was unanimous though, and this is that your bedroom is a place of... Read More

3 top tips when buying art for your living room

When it come to choosing art for your home the living room is perhaps the most important room to focus on. Not only is it (more than likely) the one you spend the majority of your time in, your refuge when you come from work, the place to relax and unwind in, but it is also the place all others, be it family or friends, who venture into your abode will spend much of their time as well. Making sure you find art that... Read More

Welcome to the Galleryfy Blog!

Welcome to the Galleryfy Blog! – your guide to Art Home Decor. With interviews and guidance from top designers, Art inspiration for you home and interviews from Artists the Galleryfy Blog aims to help you truly find your identity and make your home your home. Visit the main Galleryfy.com website for some great artwork from some of the UKs most talented artist’s to start transforming your space today – Click here Read More


I’ll be honest, I struggle with 50 year old faeces being Art, but… ‘That one. That is my Favourite!’ Said the gangly, unco-ordinated but very enthusiastic 7 year old me, pointing to Turner’s Fisherman at Sea, answering my mother’s question as we reached the gift shop at the gallery. Quite a dark choice when I think about now, a nocturnal scene with a small fishing vessel lit only by a lantern being tossed about a writhing squall. I thought then,... Read More