May 29, 2018

How to design a space around Art

Cover image by Toa Heftiba. We’ve all been there; having just moved into your new penthouse apartment in the heart of Chelsea, you try to fathom which drapes would compliment the shark suspended in a 12ft formaldehyde tank you purchased last week from Sotheby’s. Ok, perhaps not everyone…. but the problem of ensuring your favourite piece of Art does not look... Read More

April 08, 2018

3 Biggest Art and Interior Design Trends Right Now

The 2nd of 5 guest posts from the hugely talented  interior designer Beatrice Holland. Beatrice looks at some of the biggest trends in interior design right now. Whether your looking for guidance on making a statement in your living room or pulling in inspiration from past eras in your kitchen, Beatrice highlights the top 3 trends in Art and interior design... Read More

February 18, 2018

How to Hang Art, Gallery Style. is excited to introduce the first of 5 guest posts from the hugely talented  interior designer Beatrice Holland. Beatrice tackles a number of the Art and interior design related puzzles most of us have but are afraid to ask – the first, is how to create the gallery wall effect, you no doubt have seen in someone’s house... Read More

February 01, 2016

“Hello, Room Service? Can we have some Art Please?”

Header Artwork by Michele Tombolini, courtesy of Artrooms 2016 There are not many Art events that would welcome its patrons via a Staircase that looks like a deconstructed spaceship, with walls adorned with foil and unravelled video tape hanging, tendril like, from the ceiling, but Artrooms M.O. is definitely one of challenging accepted norms. Last weekend I attended Artrooms 2016 at... Read More

August 16, 2015

The 5 most important rules when buying Art for the bedroom

Featured art by Paola Minekov, Irina Rumyantseva, Celia Lewis and Michele Honey-Floyd. Artwork included in above image may not be actual size. All copyrights remain with the artists and are currently featured on When researching for this Post online it quickly became clear that ‘what Art is appropriate for the bedroom’ is quite a contentious issue with various schools... Read More