April 08, 2018

3 Biggest Art and Interior Design Trends Right Now

The 2nd of 5 guest posts from the hugely talented  interior designer Beatrice Holland. Beatrice looks at some of the biggest trends in interior design right now. Whether your looking for guidance on making a statement in your living room or pulling in inspiration from past eras in your kitchen, Beatrice highlights the top 3 trends in Art and interior design right now to ensure you are keeping ahead of the Jones’s…or Smiths…or (insert name here!)

The art we choose and the design of our homes are extremely personal, while its vital to choose what you love, these are two things that are certainly influenced by trends. Going to art galleries and looking online can be a way to get a hint as to what the appetites of the market are.

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With a worldwide appreciation that 2017 was been a big year of political and social change, art depicting causes and matters of the time seems to be something that stands out. In a sense, a lot of art can be considered somewhat political, as it stands as a piece either to influence or influenced. Art has a special way of connecting to us, giving us space to interpret and appreciate it in whatever way our past experiences or views tell us, hence why Art is so often a topic of debate. Being such a broad spectrum, naturally these topics pop up in many different styles. Wether an artist makes a subtle nod to something you care about or throws it out there in a bold striking piece, incorporating ‘art that matters’ is certainly a trend of the moment.

san fran art deco

Art and Posters depicting or in the style of Past Eras can be a great addition to office areas or kitchens

Past Era’s

While minimalism, abstract and surrealism have all had their time in the spotlight, it appears that references to past eras are creeping their way back into our homes. From antique furniture to authentic persian rugs, pre-loved items are becoming cherished staples in our homes. The good news for up and coming artists is that, according to trend, people aren’t turned off by ‘re-constructions’ and ‘inspired-by’ pieces that are strongly influenced by previous, even ancient design periods. Some of the most popular movements being used today, and ones to look our for include 15th and 16th century oil painting, art deco and 50’s and 60’s pop art.

Japanese inspiration


Influences from Japan, seem to be absolutely everywhere. From restaurants to fashion, interior design to Art, we just can’t seem to get enough. Japan is a country with a charming and multifaceted culture, holding onto traditions dating back thousands of years. With a huge appreciation of the nature around them, many highly valued Japanese symbols are derived from what’s around them; cherry blossom, carp fish, waves, tigers and mystical dragons. Many of the most praised interior design editors incorporate Japanese imagery into their designs such as the silk wallpapers by De Gourney. Artistic characteristics include bursts of delicate colour, textured canvases, elements of gold, as well as one of their most recognisable styles, ink wash painting.

The art world is evolving around us and with endless styles and eras to choose from, research and exploration can open doors to art we might never have considered before.

Trends certainly come and go and keeping one eye on them can be helpful in knowing whats available and exciting at the moment.

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By Beatrice Holland