July 12, 2015

3 top tips when buying art for your living room

When it come to choosing art for your home the living room is perhaps the most important room to focus on. Not only is it (more than likely) the one you spend the majority of your time in, your refuge when you come from work, the place to relax and unwind in, but it is also the place all others, be it family or friends, who venture into your abode will spend much of their time as well.

Making sure you find art that fits with the room, defines your personality, makes a statement but is also welcoming can be a mind field. Below are 3 basic rules to considering when buying the right art for your most important living space.

1. Work with the room – what type of room do you have? Are there certain themes that can be carried into the art work such as modern, alpine, rural cottage? Matching colours in the artwork with soft furnishings can work well but some of the most impressive examples of Art in homes will work with the room rather than trying to match it. Think about opposite colours on the colour wheel, mix traditional with new, bright with muted – this visual juxtaposition can really highlight the artwork.

2. Create a focal point – Do you have a bare ‘feature wall’ that is just dying for something large and striking to draw peoples attention or a variety of smaller areas to be filled to complete the rooms overall decor? In either case, ensure that any work is well lit by both natural and artificial light to ensure you maintain it’s impact, and make sure you hang any feature piece so that eye level is at their center.

3. Get the right size – As a general rule you should not pick pieces that are larger than the featured space/item of furniture they are above. For example if you had a piece of art above a sofa which is larger than the sofa you run the risk of an upside down pyramid effect making the  weight of the area look unbalanced. This can be avoided in some cases when using a tiled collage effect with multiple pieces of different sizes but be careful.

Above all, buy art that you love, that you feel represents your character and that brings enjoyment whenever you view it – lets face it you will be seeing a lot of it!

At Galleryfy we have curated a selection of the work on Galleryfy.com below which we feel are most suited to a variety of living rooms and tastes to give you inspiration. Find the art to transform your living space today!