February 18, 2018

How to Hang Art, Gallery Style.


Galleryfy.com is excited to introduce the first of 5 guest posts from the hugely talented  interior designer Beatrice Holland. Beatrice tackles a number of the Art and interior design related puzzles most of us have but are afraid to ask – the first, is how to create the gallery wall effect, you no doubt have seen in someone’s house and wondered how they did it.

Whether you’re scrolling on Pinterest and Insta or flicking through the pages of your favourite magazine, collage gallery walls are this year’s hottest interior must have, and the best part about it? We can all have one. Art plays a major role in the ‘coming together’ of our interior spaces, both at work and in our homes, and its ability to transform a space and a touch of personalisation shouldn’t be underestimated.

We’ve all done it, taken a screen shot and thought ‘ok, this is achievable, I can make this happen’, gone home and thought, ‘where do I start!!’. And it’s true, these assembled masterpieces can often seem intimidating but all begins with one basic rule.

1. Choose art you love

It seems almost too simple but if you’re living and working with this selection, you’ve got to love it. Art speaks to us in different ways and finding your pieces is a personal process. Whether it’s a country you’ve travelled to, an experience you’ve had or just colours that make you feel great, it’s the best way to start your selection. With gallery walls, a variety of sizes, materials, colours, frames and styles, makes for an eclectic visual collage, and taking pieces with a united scale, colour scheme or theme, you can create for yourself a more refined, elegant gallery. Deciding on these things are the primary first steps of your new creation. Once you’ve decided on your art it’s now time to start thinking about the next phase:


2. Creating your layout

On your desired wall, eye up the amount of space you’d like to use for your gallery, mark up the corners with blue tac or sticky notes (something non-marking) and measure it up with a tape measure. With these measurements, it can be helpful to then tape the floor or a work surface depending on the size, so you have a clear visual of the space you’re working with. You can now play around with layouts ahead of securing them to the wall, allowing you to experiment with lines and grouping. If you get stuck, there are a lot of layout guides online to help you find which suits you best, and don’t feel afraid to go back to some of your original inspirations. Layout decided, you’re now ready to hang!

3. Hang it up

We’re now at the final hanging phase of your personalised gallery wall. Although appearing to be fragile, hanging hooks can often be the most secure method of hanging your gallery although it’s important to select the correct hook for the art weight. If you’re feeling nervous about the most appropriate method don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of the artist or source. Once you’ve completed your hanging, take a step back and enjoy your new masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to adjust and add to your gallery wall overtime, after all that’s what it’s there for, to be a collection of art discoveries in a visual and evolving visual compilation.

For galleryfy.com

By Beatrice Holland