David Smith


Eliminating obvious signs of brushwork, David paints flat, crisply delineated abstract forms in vivid colour combinations.

The geometry is intentionally hard and rigorous, sometimes elaborate, and the colours used most frequently have become an extended family of hues - cerulean blue, prism violet, eau-de-nil, pinks, teal and, most obviously, black and white. His titles are occasionally cryptic - a painting such as "Interior" may raise the question as to what exactly is interior or exterior, or whether it is simply a flat arrangenent of form and colour, as abstract as any other of his paintings. Although "Sunday Morning" and "Skylight" tease the viewer into recognizing a cityscape through a window, they also are, in effect, abstract compositions, where any truly recognizable elements have been eliminated. In "Skylight", for example, the 'sky', is a different shade of blue in each 'pane', discouraging further recognition of the real world. The 'black' paintings 'Axis', 'Praxis', 'Entasis' and 'Interchange' form a series which he is planning to augment. These depict geometric forms not bound by the picture frame, but possessing the capability of continuing virtually to infinity. David works entirely in acrylic, and on canvas unless otherwise stated. The paintings are on a moderate scale, currently no larger than 76 x 102 cm.

Their Work