Gugi Goo


"My artistic practice is based on an intuitive research of the deepest, most intimate layers of my own being. I am interested in the possibility of expressing the most profound human emotions and ideas through the filter of my personal experiences and perceptions. ”

Since my creative process is very expressive, I usually work on big canvases which allow me more freedom and space for experimenting. My main 'tools' are color, light and gesture which I use to create my own language and open the view to some different reality.


2010 - 2012: Accademia di Belle Arti di BRERA, Milano- Italia, Master program in painting. 2011-2012 : Accademia di Teatro della Scala, Milan- Italia , special make-up for theather and cinema.

2004-2008 : Academy of Fine Arts Novi Sad, Serbia, department of painting.

Their Work