Kathy Kubay


I graduated from Fine Art (honors) so long ago that my paintings now reflect my life and experiences.

Paintings are a journey from start to eventual end. Our triumphs and struggles as Artists can be witnessed through the brush strokes, colors, and patterns we use to display a piece of life as we see it in that timeframe. I paint with oils, acrylics, pigments, and resin, using techniques and a process I have derived through much experience with the paint. Globally, I am the one using this unique technique I have derived though direct experience with different mediums. Through this unique technique I try to capture a moment in time where the paint has an ethereal quality and laced over itself to produce a mystical depth of color and and light that seems almost magical. People have informed that my art has a empyrean quality as the light and paint seem unified and peaceful together. Please enjoy!

Their Work