Paola Minekov



Paola’s paintings seem made for a Kafka novel. Angular yet fluid in form and deeply psychological, they combine several modern styles - including cubism, aspects of postimpressionism, and expressionism - to offer, quite literally, a multiple perspective on various themes important to our contemporary lives.” Claudia Moscovici, art critic. In the last few years Paola Minekov has been involved in a number of high profile public art projects. In 2012 she created the Colourful World Egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, raising more than £4300 for charity. Following that she was invited to paint Twiggie (the intu elephant) for the Elephant Parade UK National Tour, presented by intu. In 2014 she completed a large scale mosaic at the Institute of Education in London.

Paola has painted several major series, including the vibrant Dancers series and dynamic Cityscapes . Her Undercurrents series explores the psychology of human relationships.

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