Help and Advice for Artists

Building up your online presence as an artist can seem a little daunting when you are first starting out but thankfully there are a number of resources and experts out there to help you navigate through the potential pitfalls and complexities of building your name  and selling online.

We have collated a list of some of the best websites to help you find the information you need to start on the journey, or if you are already established, some additional insights into how you can up your game.

 Artsy Shark

Artsy Shark publishes articles on the business of art, and profiles artists and their portfolios in regular features.


Is a blog dedicated to empowering creative people with skills needed to promote your creative work {online and offline} and survive financially and mentally {the two do kind of go hand in hand}.

The Abundant Artist

An American site started by online marketing expert Cory Huff in 2009, he teaches artists to dispel the starving artist myth by using the Web to sell art directly to Artist's fans. If the artist wants to get into a gallery or museum, the marketing skills Cory teaches can help do that. Building an artist's own business online can be complimentary to a gallery business for the right artists and galleries.